Gauteng’s Terra Topia Adventure Park played host for the sixth leg of the Dual Bike Challenge, giving the event a distinct motocross feel as riders battled it out for the day’s top honours.

Competitors taking part in the sixth leg of the Dual Bike Challenge, held at Gauteng’s Terra Topia Dirt Bike Club last Saturday, couldn’t have asked for better conditions. It was just one of those idyllic Highveld winter mornings. There wasn’t a breath of wind in the air, and the warm morning sun had everyone dumping their jackets in favour of short sleeves and T-shirts by the event’s 9 am start. In short, it was the perfect day for adventure riders to head out on their heavy machines and play – a sentiment which seemed rather fitting, seeing as event organisers had chosen to co-opt Terra Topia’s Junior MX Park for the day.

The guys at Terra Topia know what dirt riding’s all about. So, as you can expect, the wide track was well prepared and in immaculate condition – looking much like a freshly graded dirt road, but with the top soil neatly raked into lines to keep the surface nice and loose. Technically, it was a deceptively simple course, with only three table tops giving it any contours and a short section of mud. However, riders had their hands full zig-zagging through cones, strategically placed in bends throughout the course and all over the two of the three dirt humps.

To make things more challenging, competitors had to stop at the bottom approach of the third table top – and each class had a different stopping point, making the task progressively harder as the riders worked their way through the ranks. And, as it was clear that the course would deteriorate the more it was ridden throughout the day, it was decided riders with the least experience would go first. So the order of proceedings was as follows: Ladies Club, Masters, Mens Club and Open Class.

With the first round of technical riding out of the way, all the cones were removed from the course – giving competitors the chance to let rip and get as much air time as they could while hitting the second round of the day. Everyone got their chance, with the ladies having to complete one round, and the men two. But the stars of the show were undoubtedly the Open Class guys – watching how these expert riders launched their heavy machines into the sky on the third jump was truly a wonder to behold.

More about the Dual Bike Challenge 2017
The Dual Bike Challenge (DBC) series was initiated by the proudly South African riders group Adventure Riders SA, in conjunction with top off-road riding and training facilities, iRide and ADA. Adventure Riders SA, which has an active membership of over 8 500, is the organiser and administrator of the series; and it’s managed by Treffon Smith and his team.

It’s a national off-road series of events aimed at dual purpose motorcyclists wanting to experience the various challenges typically encountered on adventure trips whilst travelling off the beaten track. The DBC Series was launched at the annual LDBA adventure riding event held in Badplaas on 25 March, and ends 18 November at ADA, Hartbeespoort.

In between, other events take place in Mpumalanga, Gauteng, the Western Cape and KZN – using the host facilities of the ADA Outdoor Centre, RAD Moto and Terra Topia Adventure Park, as well as adventure riding events such as LDBA and NDBA. All event hosts are responsible for the design and build of their own unique adventure tracks. Everything is done under the strict guidelines of Adventure Riders SA, and gets overseen by events co-ordinator Andre Visser. – (c) 2017 NavWorld

For more information visit Adventure Riders SA’s Website

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