Hot off the production line is the new Garmin vivofit jr. an activity tracker aimed at kids. Targeting kids aged 4 to 9 years, the vivofit jr. features an ultra stretch band that should fit comfortably while the little ones go about their business on the playground or around the house.

The Garmin vivofit jr. tracks activity and steps and recommends a 60-minutes daily goal which kids have to achieve. Even more interesting is its sleep tracking capabilities that give parents a good indication of their kids’ sleep patterns. The data is captured by an app on the parent’s smartphone called Garmin vivofit jr (available on iTunes and the Google play store).

Probably the most fun you’ll have is using Family Challenges. This feature will see kids and parents race for the highest activity score each day. There is also a range of other goals that can be set to motivate kids to get up and be active.
Aptly called Chores, parents can choose from a comprehensive list of chores that can be assigned to any number of kids’ bands registered on the device. These chores include brushing teeth, cleaning and helping around the house, custom chores can also be created. The app also allows awards to be set for the goals that are reached and this can, in turn, be exchanged for pocket money, screen time, or other such allowances.

The vivofit jr. is a tough fitness tracker designed to deal with virtually any activity that kids find themselves in. The battery lasts for a year and can be replaced at any NavWorld branch when it is time to do so.  This fitness tracker is also water resistant and the screen will display the date and time as well as a move bar. There are also a few novel activity tracker icons that can be set.

Should their fashion needs change or the band needs replacing, there are replacement bands that can be purchased. The smart bits that capture data inside the vivofit jr. are the same as that of the vivofit 3. In fact the two are virtually identical. You can even slip the vivofit jr. into a vivofit 3 armband should you wish to do so.

The vivofit jr. band will be available in three colours, broken lava, digi camo, and real flower designs. The band will fit wrists up to 145mm but there is also an XL accessory band that will fit a wrist from 146mm to 170mm in size.

Stock is expected to arrive by mid-February but keep an eye on the NavWorld Facebook page, or the online store, for more info. – (c) 2017 NavWorld

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