The winners of the 4th annual International Drone Photography Contest have just been announced, and their remarkable images are so amazing they’ll literally blow you away!

We live on a breathtakingly beautiful planet, and one of the best ways for us to appreciate the colourful, diverse, convoluted world we all live in is to check it out from the air. And when it comes to getting the perfect bird’s-eye view, nothing quite beats the unique perspective captured by a drone.

That said, the winners of the 4th International Drone Photography Contest have just been announced. Categories included Nature, People, Urban and, for the first time this year, Creativity – giving drone enthusiasts the world over plenty of opportunity to demonstrate their talent. As you can imagine, thousands of entries were received from professional photographers and talented amateur drone flyers from all around the globe. The competition was judged on creativity and photographic quality by a panel of experts including National Geographic’s Patrick Witty, Jeff Heimsath and Emanuela Ascoli, along with Dronestagram – the drone photo sharing community portal that arranged it all.

“I was blown away by the creativity of the photos in this contest,” declared Heimsath once the judging process was over. “The photographers used drones to capture the world from new and unique perspectives. The selection process was far from easy, this contest has certainly surfaced the best drone images from around the world.”

All the winning images will be published in National Geographic. But you don’t have to wait that long to see how these creative drone flyers have showcased our world, you can simply check them out here:

Nature category winners:

1st Prize: Provence, summer trim by jcourtial
A farmer uses a specialised machine to harvest lavender fields in France.

2nd Prize: Infinite Road to Transylvania by Calin Stan
The Infinite road in Romania. It leads to Sighișoara, the supposed birth place of Count Dracula.

3rd Prize: Ice formation by Florian
A massive ice sheet breaking apart in East Greenland.

People category winners:

1st Prize: End of the line by Martin Sanchez
This image, showing a man lying on his side, was purposefully captured to mess with your perspective.

2nd Prize: Waterlily by helios1412
This vivid image shows a woman harvesting water lilies in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

3rd Prize: La Vijanera by feelingmovie
Some of the attendees of the Spanish winter masquerade called La Vijanera.

Urban category winners:

1st Prize: Concrete Jungle by bachirm
What the city of Dubai looks like when you’re a crow.

2nd Prize: Dawn on Mercury City Tower by alexeygo
Window washers busy at work outside the Mercury tower in Moscow as the sun rises. This 338 metre tall skyscraper is the third tallest building in Europe.

3rd Prize: Peace by luckydron
The epicentre of a large mausoleum in Madrid, Spain.

Creativity category winners:

Two Moo by LukeMaximoBell
Two cows have an early morning drink at the water’s edge in Paarl in the Western Cape.

Ugo le marin by rga
This sand drawing on a beach makes the child look as if he or she is hanging from the bow of a ship.

Next Level by macareuxprod
Now here’s a creative way for expectant parents to announce their great news to friends and family!

Source: Dronestagram

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