The Cullinan2Tonteldoos MTB Ultra Single Stage event, takes riders and their support crews over 260km of unmarked district roads from Cullinan in Gauteng to Tonteldoos, a small settlement in the Mpumalanga Highlands. For more information on the event, check out their website.

Navigating this route will be of vital importance so here is a guide on how to load the routes to your Garmin Edge bicycle computer. You can download the route file here: Garmin Edge GPX Route for C2T2017 and the supporter route file here.

How to load your route

STEP 1: Connect your Garmin Edge device to your computer select the device in My Computer (Win) or Devices in Finder (Mac)



Step 2: In the root folder of your device, open the Garmin folder and then open the NewFiles folder from the list.


Step 3: Copy and past the two files [C2T Section 1] and [C2T Section 2] in the NewFiles folder.


Step 4: Disconnect your device and the files will automatically be loaded in your courses folder on your device.

Step 5
Enjoy the race!

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  1. Jaco

    Hi Reghardt
    Will I follow the same downloading instructions for the Bryton330 Cycling computor to download the Cullinan2Tonteldoos maps


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