The Garmin Varia bike radar is a South African developed product straight out of Stellenbosch, that was bought by Garmin last year. The bike radar is compatible with a large number of Edge devices but there is also a radar display unit available in the Varia bundle or as a separate purchase. Buy yours from the NavWorld store today.

See what’s in the box with our unboxing video.

Once installed, the Varia jumps straight to work and will indicate a car approaching from behind you, up to 140m away. As vehicles approach, the Varia rear light also flashes brighter, indicating to approaching vehicles that there are cyclists ahead. The Varia can detect more than one vehicle approaching  and if you like to cycle in groups, you’ll be glad to know that the Varia does not detect other cyclists. For more information on the Garmin Varia, please visit the NavWorld Store.

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