The idea is simple, take one pair of sunglasses and attach the Varia Vision Display, this allows you to get a heads-up display of all your metrics without needing to look down to your bike computer. Unlike the Garmin HUD, a heads-up display unit for your car, the Varia Vision Display unit shows a lot more promise.

You can attach the unit to virtually any pair of sunglasses and you can mount it on the left or right side, whichever feels more comfortable. The only recommendation we have is that you use the Varia Vision with a pair of sunglasses that has bendable arms which you can firmly position.  The reason for this is that the Varia Vision weighs around 29 grams and can pull your glasses to the side if they are not firmly positioned. [Check out the Nike Vision range available at all NavWorld branches, some models feature bendable arms to create a snug fit]

Once mounted, the Varia Vision in-sight display will show a small screen in your eye’s peripheral. Surprisingly, it does not obstruct your field of view but you can position the screen just above or below your line of sight to tweak it to your preference.


The Varia Vision is compatible with the Edge 1000, Edge 520, Forerunner 735XT and the Varia Rearview Radar. [Update: The Varia Vision will also support the fēnix Chronos]. When paired with the Varia Rearview Radar, you’ll be able to easily see any traffic behind you without needing to look down – it’s a great feature if you are a Rearview Radar user.

Scrolling between the various data screens is easily done, simply slide your finger along the touch-pad situated on the outside edge of the Varia Vision device.

Considering how you mount the Varia Vision, it is not intended for mountain bikers, instead, it’s aimed at road cyclists who need to get the information they need from their Garmin bike computer without losing focus on the road ahead.

Get your Garmin Varia Vision from NavWorld, simply visit any of our branches or shop online.

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