Garmin has delivered a string of hits over the last couple of months, most notably, the fenix 3 HR and the forerunner 735XT. But this watch is something of a left fielder and unlike any other watch that Garmin has produced, this one is largely analogue.

Yes, that is right, the vivomove is the first analogue watch that Garmin has produced and by the looks of it, this one is going to be a hit in the fashion conscious fitness market. At first glance you may be forgiven to think that this is an old-school ticker but upon closer inspection you’ll notice two digital bars that decorate the watch face. On the left is the step progress bar and on the right you’ll find the move bar, this is the one that will tell you when you should get up and move around. The vivomove features a step counter and is intelligent enough to learn your fitness and activity level and assign daily step goals for you. The Move bar will display after periods of inactivity and after you walk around for a bit, it will reset. For those of us who love to monitor their sleep levels, the Garmin vivomove is able to monitor the hours you sleep and it’ll keep tabs on your periods of movement and peaceful sleep.


As with all Garmin hardware, the vivomove connects to your smartphone via the Garmin Connect. The only data that the vivomove uploads is your steps and sleep data.

Controlling the vivomove is done by pressing or turning the watch crown. Press and hold the crown and you’ll go into pairing mode while pulling it out slightly will allow you to set the time. It is a pretty simple piece of technology but it does it with a certain level of style that no digital watch can match.

While some users will buy the vivomove to use as a secondary device to their Garmin forerunner or fenix, there is a larger group that will buy this as watch as a stylish alternative to a fitbit or jawbone tracker. It is 50m waterproof and the replaceable CR2025 battery will last about a year.

The vivomove is available in four variants. The vivomove sport features a silicone band while the vivomove classic has a leather band. Both are available in black or white – the white model in the classic range also features a Rose Gold finish. Additional bands are available separately these include a light, dark, and white leather options. – (c) 2016 NavWorld

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