Purebred Arabian horses, brilliant live music, fading Karoo light and a MTB night stage ready to go. This is the scene at the start of the annual limited-entry Lormar MTB Tour – a unique three-day mountain bike experience in the heart of the Karoo from Fairview farm to Nieu Bethesda and back. 
In 1965 an Arabian thoroughbred named Lorraine of Kismet Riding Stud won the grueling

In 1965 an Arabian thoroughbred named Lorraine of Kismet Riding Stud won the grueling 127 mile horse marathon between Hanover, De Aar and Richmond in the semi-desert Karoo; hence the name Lormar. Today this tradition is shared on this farm on mountain bikes through the heart of the remote Compasberg region.

Lormar Endurance MTB Tour’s main goal is to create awareness of the spectacular Karoo, it’s people and to offer participants true “platteland” hospitality.

The Lormar Endurance MTB Tour takes place from 30 September to 2 October 2016 and there are two race distances you can participate in – the Lormar Endurance and Lormar Mini.

As with all great mountain bike races, you’ll need to download the route maps for navigation. Follow these instructions to get your routes loaded on your Garmin bike computer.

How to load your route

The easiest way to load the Lormar Endurance MTB Tour routes is to follow our easy to use installation guide below. If you struggle or need additional help, please contact us directly or email support@navworld.co.za

Navigating this route will be of vital importance so here is a guide on how to load the routes to your Garmin Edge bicycle computer. You can download the .fit and .gpx files in here.

Remember to update your device to the latest software version, Garmin Connect will let you know if your device needs an update. To create your free Garmin Connect account, go to the Garmin Connect website



STEP 1: Connect your Garmin Edge device to your computer select the device in My Computer (Win) or Devices in Finder (Mac)


Step 2: In the root folder of your device, open the Garmin folder and then open the NewFiles folder from the list.

Step 3: Copy and past the three files [Day 1, Day 2, Day 3] in the NewFiles folder.

Step 4: Disconnect your device and the files will automatically be loaded in your courses folder on your device.

Step 5
Enjoy the race!

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