As the leading provider of outdoor navigation, fitness bands, and sports watches, NavWorld has expanded its offering to include another impressive brand to its already extensive product line-up which includes the Garmin and Thule ranges.

From today, NavWorld customers will have access to over 100 different styles of Nike Vision sunglasses available for purchase online or at NavWorld’s Johannesburg and Durban branches.

“As the leader in sports eyewear, we feel that Nike Vision is perfect brand to compliment our existing product offerings at NavWorld,” says NavWorld CEO, Róan Rossouw. “Indeed, for the sportsmen, sportswomen and outdoor enthusiasts who rely on NavWorld’s expertise, the Nike Vision range delivers the best optics for any sport or adventure.”

Nike is one of the world’s most recognisable athletic brands and enjoys athlete endorsements from virtually every sports discipline in practise today. “It was this impressive track record and the broad range of eyewear products that Nike Vision has on offer, that led us to pursue this partnership,” says Rossouw.


The Nike Vision range of eyewear includes specialised frames and optics for Golf, Cycling and Running. There’s even a lifestyle range for customers who prefer their eyewear to be more stylish than sporty.

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for us and we are very excited to be partnering with NavWorld on the Nike Vision range of eyewear,” says Grant Hoyle, MD of JustEyeWear, the official distributors of Nike Vision in Sub-Saharan Africa. “In South Africa, NavWorld will offer the widest range of Nike Vision sunglasses and we are very excited about the additional service offerings that NavWorld will be able offer Nike Vision customers.”

NavWorld has become the one-stop-shop for all outdoor and adventure navigation devices and with Nike Vision added to its stable, NavWorld is further entrenching its expertise in this niche arena. By offering over 100, hand-picked, Nike Vision eyewear models, NavWorld customers can now enjoy the world’s best eyewear no matter what sport or activity they enjoy.

NavWorld Ambassadors put Nike Vision through its paces.
NavWorld has kitted out its ambassadors with the latest Nike Vision eyewear and it has already been put through its paces.

“My Nike Tailwind 12 arrived a few days before the Comrades Marathon and it proved to be the ultimate testing ground for my new eyewear. Compared to every other brand I have used in my races, the Tailwind 12 worked as hard as I did that day,” says Bennie Roux, NavWorld’s Trail Running ambassador. “The transition lenses were amazing and I was one of the few runners who were able to wear their sunglasses from the starting line, and in fact,I did not remove them once during the entire race. The Nike Tailwind 12 never fogged up, thanks to its great ventilated design, and it never slipped on my face. The nose grip and adjustable temples work like a charm.”

Incidentally, the winner of this year’s Comrades Women’s Race, Caroline Wostmann, wears the same Nike Vision Tailwind 12.

“As a mountain biker, my eyewear is a critical part of my cycling kit and I am very happy to report that the Nike Show X1 is perfectly suited to the harsh terrain that I put myself and my mountain bike through,” says Alan Gordon, NavWorld’s Mountain Biking ambassador. “I love that the Show X1 fits so snug and does not move on my face while I am traversing rugged terrain on my bike. Most importantly, the Show X1 are great for use with my contact lenses, the design of these sunglasses keep the wind out of my eyes thus preventing my contact’s from drying out.”

NavWorld’s new Nike Vision range can be viewed online with new products added regularly. The range can also be seen in the Johannesburg and Durban stores with Cape Town and Pretoria launching their ranges soon. For more information visit

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