Since its launch earlier this year, the Relive App has been taking the running and cycling world by storm. Taking your Strava or Garmin Connect data, it automatically creates stunning 3D animated maps of your runs and rides for you to enjoy later and share with friends.

Ever wanted to savour and relive an epic run or ride in animated 3D, then share it with others? Well, now you can. The Relive App, created by a group of Dutch cycling buddies who wanted a better way of documenting their bike holiday in Tenerife early last year, has been making serous waves throughout the sporting scene worldwide.

Although capturing activity data is fun, raw numbers and sterile graphs don’t exactly tell a very compelling human story. So instead, this innovative cycling group wanted to find a better way to not only automatically visualise their experience, but also put the emotion back into “reliving” their epic journey. Turns out the cycling and running world agrees with them. Their free mobile app (available for Apple and Android) was launched early this year and already boasts over 500 000 users, who according to the developers have created more than 10 million video stories to date. And, to give the app even more credibility, it was used by some of the pro riders in this year’s Tour de France – allowing you to track their progress en route in ways never before thought possible.

What Relive does is take your Strava or Garmin Connect data, then transforms it into a really cool 3D animated map. The moving map, seen from a bird’s-eye view, provides a wealth of visual info. You can check out the topography along the entire route in all its gnarly glory. Stats such as your top speed and highest altitude attained are displayed where they occurred, as are points of interest. And, if you add photos to your Strava file, they’ll pop up in all the right places, too.

Any run or ride of 10 km or more that doesn’t take longer than 12 hours to complete can be uploaded. And, after your session has been shared to Strava or Garmin Connect, Relive sends you an email link to your video. To help minimise “confusion” if you connect via both platforms, it automatically gives priority to the Strava file so you don’t have to worry about any duplications slipping into the mix.

Obviously, Relive isn’t a performance tool, but it does do a great job at providing athletes with inspiring mementos of their efforts that they can share. It’s also a great way to showcase running or riding routes for those unfamiliar with an area, not to mention a great motivational tool for those wanting to take their sport more seriously. – (c) 2017 NavWorld

You can download the Relive app here:
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