I don’t know about you, but after I’ve had a good exercise session my body craves a nice refreshing pint, or three. The way I see it, the feel-good endorphins brought on by pushing myself physically, and the happy buzz that downing fermented hops and barley naturally brings, combine to create one of the most satisfying, mellow states known to man.

Yep, I definitely enjoy my beer, especially the tasty craft varieties produced by the smaller independent breweries – so much so that I invariably drink more than I should. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about getting smashed, then doing something irresponsible like driving home. I’m referring to my naughty habit of consuming more calories in the pub than I ever burn during one of my paddles. The end result: I feel great, but my not-so-six-pack-abs never quite slim down to the point where I would ideally like them to be.

Well, if you’re anything like me, chances are you’ll appreciate the free Beer Tracker Plus app available on Garmin’s Connect IQ store. What it does is display a virtual beer glass on your Garmin fitness watch that fills up with the good stuff as you work up a sweat – giving you a cool visual representation of how many beers you’ve earned during your workout. You can select from three beer styles; Amber/Lager, Red Ale or Stout/Porter and then choose white or black for the background. The number of calories per beer can also be configured, but left to its own devices, the app defaults each frosty to 150 calories.

After downloading the app, bear in mind that to use Connect IQ Data Fields you must first manually add it to one of your activity data screens – it won’t show up automatically. The process varies from device to device, but you can usually find it under “Edit Screens” or “Data Screens” (you then replace or add the app to one of the existing fields). If you’re using a Fenix, go to Settings / Apps / Beer Tracker Plus / Data Screens. Once there you can dig into the numbered data screens and replace one of the fields.

According to the developer, Data Fields should work on all Garmin watches. If you’re using a round watch (Fenix or Tactix Bravo), and using the quad-screen split, the display will cut off a few pixels – but you should still be able to see the number of beers you’ve earned and the fill level. Cheers! – (c) 2017 NavWorld

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