Nowadays we can do just about anything on our smartphones. With the press of a button we can take photos, search the Internet, send emails, scan, send and save important documents and communicate with friends anywhere on the planet. However, this convenience come with a price. If you lose, break or damage your handset, you end up losing a lot more than just the numbers on your contact list. On top of that, the regular updating of background applications slowly eats away your data and drains the phone’s battery – potentially leaving you with a dead handset when you need it most, unless you’re really careful. Or, if you look at it from the perspective of someone living an adventurous outdoors lifestyle such as myself – your only life-line with the outside world has no battery power and/or no signal. In short, if something bad happens, you’re stuffed.

This is why I think the new NavWorld Eezifone is such a life-saver. Its about the size of a credit card and just 7 mm thick, this simple handset weighs a mere 40g and can only be used to make and receive calls. It comes with an integrated Vodacom SIM card and works anywhere there’s network coverage. And, most importantly, it features a dedicated SOS button that can be programmed (via the online portal) with any number you choose. It also comes with a standard charging cable, a permanent marker pen and an extensive set of skins (or stickers with blank fields) where your programmed phone numbers can be written. On the back of the phone you can also add important emergency info, such as your medical aid number, blood type, emergency contact and any allergies you may suffer from.

How does it work?
As its name implies, the Eezifone is extremely user friendly. Set up is done in 3 quick steps:
1. Registration of the phone online at
2. Allocating numbers to the buttons on the phone, choosing either a 2, 4, 8 or 12 button configuration.
3. Writing the contact names belonging to each button on a removable skin that gets stuck to the phone.

Once the Eezifone is switched on, a call can be made to any of these contacts with the press of a button! Yes, it really is that simple!

Why get a NavWorld Eezifone?
The Eezifone is the perfect fit for trail runners, mountain bikers, hikers or anyone who loves the outdoors. It is less than half the weight of a regular cellphone, reducing the weight of your hydration pack or backpack. It has no touchscreen or buttons, making it more resistant to damage caused by falling, moisture, scratching etc. It’s small and can easily fit into any pocket; and can even be attached to a zip or small rope via its keyring hole. Finally, and most importantly: battery life is preserved as making and receiving calls is its only feature, and only once it is switched on.

Other applications
That said, you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from NavWorld’s Eezifone. Parents can give them to their kids without worrying they’ll be able to call unwanted persons. The large print and easy interface makes these handsets perfect for elderly individuals. And companies can use them to optimise communications with field staff in a controlled manner. Corporates can also implement creative sponsorship plans with their clients, too.

Like with any product, the NavWorld Eezifone also has its shortcomings, mainly, that it is not a smartphone so apps will not work on it. For example, modern emergency applications such as MySOS and iER can’t be uploaded like with regular phones. The skin is not water resistant and, with enough friction, even writing in permanent marker can become a bit unclear. One also needs access to a working computer with Internet to change numbers, and the Internet or a regular cellphone to manage its prepaid balance.

The way I see it, one has a choice to make: Do you risk taking your cellphone with its added features and all its valuable contents, not knowing if it might fall or break or run out of battery? Or do you invest in the lightweight, hardy Eezifone that might leave you photo-less but will do the most important job that needs to be done? From my experience, the less the stress, the greater the adventure! So my choice is “Eezi”. What do you choose? – (c) 2017 NavWorld

Important note
As the NavWorld Eezifone comes with a pay-as-you-go SIM, users have to make at least one call every three months to retain the number in their name. If you don’t, Vodacom will recycle your number and pass it on to someone else.

About The Author

Naomi Brand

Farm girl, adventure seeker, artist and up-and-coming veterinary surgeon. Ultra trail runner Naomi Brand, 28, has been taking the competitive running world by storm with her proactive attitude and fighting spirit. When not stuck with her nose in books, she spends as much time as she can in nature doing what she loves best – trail running, saying: “Trail running has not only become an important priority in my life, but an integral part of my lifestyle.”

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2 Responses

  1. Janice van Aswegen

    Has this company closed down? Every website or google search for the item has an error. I have two eezifones that need updating. Please help

    • NavWorld

      Good day Janice. We have not closed down. With regardS to EEZIFONE, please see the below communication which has instructions you can use to update numbers on your phone.

      Unfortunately the supplier has been liquidated and their website has been shut down…

      The below software download and instructions will allow for the connection of your phone to your computer and you will be able to change the fields.

      Please view the Dropbox link as per below for the eeziFone software. Once you load the software, ideally on a windows 7 machine, perform the following steps.

      EEZIFONE Software Link:

      EEZIFONE Instructions:

      Plug the USB cable into the pc

      Switch the eeziFone on

      As the eeziFone is powering up plug in the USB cable

      Activate the software on the computer

      Make the phone number changes

      Save settings


      NB: Please only alter the numbers under the LONG PRESS Tab and the CLICK PRESS Tab. If you want to turn the handset into free dial mode you can also change the DIAL STYLE to normal. The rest of the settings all pertain to the integration to the website so not applicable.

      If you get stuck, please contact our JHB branch and we can run through the process telephonically.


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