We want to help you by matching any price advertised locally on any product sold by Navworld (Pty) Ltd.

If you intend purchasing from Navworld and find the identical item at a competitor for less at the same time, tell us and we will MATCH that price.

  • The Price MATCH does not apply to:
    – New store opening
    – Store closures
    – Online clearance sales
    – One day only sales such as but not limited to Black Friday and Cyber Monday
    – Deals on online classified or auction websites
    – Online pre-orders
    – Subject to authorization by the branch manager
  • The Price MATCH does not apply to stock that is:
    – Used for instore displays
    – Is aged
    – Discontinued stock
    – Refurbished / second hand
    – Damaged


  • The competitor in question must be in-stock of that identical item.
  • The competitor must be a legitimate South African retailer, and the price match must include the cost of delivery.
  • The price match does not apply to foreign stores, including foreign online stores.
  • The items up for comparison must be the identical item, brand, barcode, and volume/weight.
  • The warranty/guarantee period must be identical to that of the competitor product.
  • The retailer deemed to be a competitor needs to be a valid VAT registered retailer – accredited by our suppliers as a reseller of their goods and brands that are in question.

4 Responses

  1. Carin

    Please answer your phones. I have ordered a product and was not contacted ever again. On top of that, you don’t seem fazed to answer a phone

  2. Agnes Phillips

    Good morning,
    I am trying to call and there is no answer.
    I am looking to purchase Nike Skylon sunglasses as a matter of urgency for a birthday gift. Please could you let me know if you have this or something similar in inventory, not polarized please.

  3. Tienie Theunissen

    I bought a new zumo 595lm from you last week. I am unaible to register the device on Garmin Express. I am getting the message: we’re unable to add this device because our dervers are unavailable at this time.

    At support.garmin.com they do not even list a 595lm.

    What now?


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