Avanti’s network of satellites and ground stations delivers against these aspirations from simple high-speed broadband through to highly complex enterprise networks.

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Avanti, from Vox, is a trusted satellite technology leader. The Avanti satellite solution empowers people, businesses and governments to stay connected wherever they are and develops pioneering, cost-effective and secure satellite solutions that liberate potential in the most demanding of situations across South Africa. Avanti’s network of satellites and ground stations delivers against these aspirations from simple high-speed broadband through to highly complex enterprise networks.

  • Get connected quickly with quick installation time frames.
  • Get connected anywhere in South Africa no matter how rural the location.
  • Don’t be delayed by connecting to an overseas teleport. Avanti’s teleport is located locally reducing latency.
  • Choose from a wide variety of uncapped and capped packages.

How It Works



  • Quick installation

    We offer quick installation timeframes, wherever you and your remote branches are located, with coverage throughout Southern Africa.


    Reduced Latency

    Locally based teleport located at Teraco. This means reduced latency.


    Private Network between your Head Office and branches

    A Completely Private Network (i.e. no connection into other networks) between your head office and branches. Head Office and branches can be located anywhere in Southern Africa.


    Uncapped Internet

    Vox offer a wide range of capped and uncapped packages to choose from.


What is Avanti?

Avanti is a high-speed always-on Internet access service delivered via Satellite by Vox.

Where is it available?

The service is available everywhere in South Africa. Coverage is delivered via 9 high-power spot-beams, each focused on a specific part of the country, overlapping in some areas.

What are the dish sizes?

The further a customer is located away from the centre of the spot-beam (where signals are the strongest), the weaker the signals become. For sites towards the edges of the beams, we compensate for the ‘weaker’ signal by using a larger dish. The 3 dish sizes being deployed for this service are: 75cm (oval), 100cm (round) and 120cm (round).

Does Avanti support voice?

To ensure voice quality, a network connection must support a feature called ‘Quality Of Service (QoS)’ that prioritises voice traffic over normal data traffic (e.g. http, YouTube, torrents, etc.). If you need to run telephone calls, please ensure that you choose one of the YahClick ‘Voice’ enabled service plans. These are specifically designed to prioritise voice and supports between one to eight concurrent G.729 encoded voice calls – depending on the service plan selected.

What is the lead time from confirmation of order to installation?

Seven to ten days.

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