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T4A GPS Maps 19.10 comes preloaded on a micro SD card with standard adapter, ready for Plug & Navigate. This SD card can be used on most map capable Garmin handheld units and has been tested with latest Drive units as well.

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We are currently busy with research for a book on Zambia. This research always has a positive effect on our maps: we discover new places, fix old ones and add new roads where required. You can expect our Zambia map to become a very mature map, packed with useful information for the independent self-drive traveller.

For this release we have increased the points of interest by 9% and roads by 4%. Zambia and its road coverage is now more than double of what it was in 2017.

East Africa has again seen significant growth as we continue to update our maps in this region. POIs increased by 4% and roads by 12%. This time Uganda and Rwanda were the focus.

Rwanda is a small country with good road infrastructure development over the recent past. We have updated the main tar roads around Lake Kivu as well as the city streets of Kigali. These now all have street names according to the new naming convention used in the capital city.

In Uganda we have included a lot of minor roads that were not on our previous map and the map is becoming more and more mature.

We have taken part in yet another fuel stop survey. This time it was Morocco and we have increased our fuel stops in this country tenfold. The total points of interest increase is 71% with about 2000 new fuel stops added to the map.

T4A GPS Maps 19.10 comes preloaded on a micro SD card with standard adapter, ready for Plug & Navigate. This SD card can be used on most map capable Garmin handheld units and has been tested with latest Drive units as well.

We processed 247 data submissions for this version resulting in the addition of about 21 000km of road data. These data submissions not only contribute more roads and POIs to the map but also improve the quality of existing data by means of corrections.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Hiking and MTB trails
  • Drakensberg Hiking Trails updated
  • Khuis Dune 4WD Trail added in Northern Cape

National parks, game reserves and protected areas

  • Murchison Falls National Park updates
  • Tankwa Karoo National Park road access status updated

General updates

  • Rwanda roads added and route names updated
  • Kigali points of interest added, street names inserted and
  • corrected, new streets added
  • Hekpoort points of interest added and map updated
  • Potchefstroom points of interest added
  • Mariental points of interest updated
  • Desert Grace Lodge (Gondwana Collection) added
  • Riebeeck Kasteel points of interest updated
  • Molenaarsrivier Farm campsite added
  • Kazungula (Zambia) border crossing roads updated
  • Zambia topographical landmarks added and updated
  • Zambia roads and tracks names updated and added
  • Botswana roads updated
  • Zimbabwe roads updated
  • Mozambique cities and towns added
  • Lake Kariba on the Zambian side has been updated. Roads and
  • points of interest added and updated
  • New points of interest added in Juba
  • Springs Mall and other points of interest added
  • Bremen Tranquillity Guest Farm added near Grunau
  • Uganda road network extensively updated
  • Uganda towns extensively updated
  • Routing around Ceres fixed
  • ...and much much more


T4A GPS Maps is a highly detailed fully routable map of Africa for self-drive tourists as well as for overlanders who want to explore remote places in Africa. We also cater for the average outdoors person who enjoys hiking, fishing, birding, mountain biking and 4x4 trails.

Key map statistics:

  • 1 309 641km of roads and detailed tourist coverage
  • 167 476 points of interest including 4 124 camp sites, 15 602 accommodation listings, 6 547 places to eat/drink and 12 908 fuel stations
  • 2 374 parks and reserves covered in detail

Detailed street coverage for Southern and Eastern Africa is now included but street numbers are not available.


The entire African continent is covered in high detail except for the less-travelled areas where information and track data is moderately detailed or where only overland routes and little infrastructure are available.


T4A GPS Maps are for compatible Garmin GPS units.

The maps are NOT compatible with TomTomTM or other GPS brands, Android or iOS devices, and will NOT work in iGO or vehicle built-in navigation systems (contact the relevant motor dealer for that manufacturer’s OEM upgrade availability).


To receive a free upgrade to version 19.10 please go to to register your 19.05 version before 31 November 2019 (the free upgrade will be emailed as a download link directly from T4A after the next version is released). Thereafter registered clients will receive 50% discounts on all future upgrades (please contact T4A directly). Other PRODUCTS from TRACKS 4 AFRICA


This Atlas covers ten countries in Southern Africa and is specifically aimed at self-drive travellers: Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Atlas features 101 map pages with the same trusted map detail for which Tracks4Africa is renowned.

We have used different map scales in this Atlas: South Africa, Lesotho and part of Swaziland are on a 1:500 000 scale; the remainder of Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia are on a 1:1 000 000 scale; most of Angola is on a 1:4 000 000 scale.

To complement the Atlas we also offer a canvas cover with enough extra space to hold a few maps.


The Paper Maps are designed to be used in conjunction with the T4A GPS Maps. They are the largest available maps of Botswana, Mozambique & Malawi, Namibia, and South Africa on a 1:1 000 000 scale, offering the perfect trip planning tool for your next holiday.

These maps are probably the first comprehensive country maps in the world offering travel time information for the entire road network be it on tar, gravel or sand.

Key features:

  • Travel times and distances included on the map
  • Detailed information on camp sites and attractions
  • Large 1:1 000 000 scale with shaded relief included as background
  • Comprehensive set of roads and tracks in Parks and Reserves
  • Border crossings with opening and closing times
  • Printed on durable 90gsm PolyArt paper which is water and tear resistant


What is new in EDITION 2

The format has changed from A5 to A4, the content has been fully revised, and a few extras have been added including suggested itineraries and a new atlas section featuring detailed maps of each country.

These books are the combined experiences of a whole community of travellers and are specifically aimed at self-drive travellers. If you are a self-drive tourist, there are five things that you need to know when you are on the road: where to sleep, where to get fuel, what to see and do, where to buy supplies, and where to go in case of an emergency.

Content covered in these books includes: general information about each country; safety and precaution; trip planning; navigation; preparing your vehicle for overland travel; communication; border post red tape; veterinary fences; health; pitfalls to renting a 4x4 with camping equipment; things you should not go without.


Tracks4Africa Specifications
T4A Compatibility

Garmin GPS – Mapsource or BaseCamp required

T4A Points of Interest

163 546

T4A Publishing House


T4A Product Type

Plug & Navigate microSD / SD Card

T4A Roads

1 288 890 km

T4A Version


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