Animal Monitoring & Tracking

Vox Animal Tracker is used by animal-owners to track and monitor their animals, livestock and/or game for large business or enterprise.

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Each cow, goat, sheep or wild animal is equipped with an IoT (Internet of Things) collar, which monitors the animal’s location and condition, while transmitting the data through your existing broadband network to your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Our behavioural algorithms analyse the information from the collars and generates notifications when an anomaly and/or important event is detected. Data is analysed and processed in our cloud server to provide insights in a user-friendly way.

Information is available through native Android and iOS apps and through our web application. The platform consists of smart collars with different sensors and an app to control the status of the animal in an easy way.

Animal Monitoring & Tracking

The sun might set each evening on your fields, but as any livestock farmer knows, the work doesn’t end there. Predators, animals wandering off or falling ill, birthing at all hours. Livestock management is a complex, around-the-clock job, but no livestock farmer can be everywhere at once – until now. Manage your animals like never before with smart livestock collars.

More money in your back pocket, minimised operating costs, reduced animal losses, improved birthing success rates, and increased animal health and safety rates make the Vox Animal Tracker the tool every animal-owner can’t afford to be without. Here’s why:

  • Have a complete view of your animals anytime, anywhere
  • Virtually fence and track animals via GPS and geofencing
  • Gather crucial information to better manage heard your animal’s health and safety
  • Information delivered in a user-friendly app, through a global IoT network

How It Works

Features & Benefits

VOX Animal Tracker is the most powerful location and monitoring system on the market

1. Provides GPS Locations

Reduce your animal loss by keeping track of them wherever they go. Allows you to trend analysis and monitor repetitive behaviour.

2. Sets Geofences

The geofence feature can be set on two levels, i.e. a geo fence within a geofence. For example, geofence 1 could be set around the camp, whereas geofence 2 could be perimetered around the animal’s watering hole within the camp. Geofencing will also assist in alerting you if an animal is too close to a fence, and places itself in danger. The collar also monitors when an animal enters or leaves an area.

3. Activity Monitor

The collar is able to track the animal’s habitual movements of the during the day and night, alerting you if they break from these patterns which could indicate they may be sick or injured. For example, if you know they tend to graze in a certain area at a certain time – and they’re not there – then you will be alerted to the behavioural change. You are also able to track distance in terms of how far the animal roams, the totally distance they travel on any given day/time, how far they travel in the last 24 hours, and their distance from the rest of the heard.

4. Temperature Control

Thanks to this advanced feature, you can track predict if the animal is ill well-ahead of time (i.e. their temperate changes before sickness hits). You can also tell when they will be in heat, when they’re pregnant, as well as their ambient temperature.

Additional Info

Additional Features and benefits

  • Plug in & Play
  • Lightweight
  • Reusable
  • Long range
  • Long battery life
  • Cost reduction
  • Increase productivity
  • Assist with farm management
  • Available on a variety of platforms
  • Access to Additional Information


How easy is it to use the animal tracker?

Vox’s livestock animal collars are plug-and-play, so they don’t require pairing or complex configuration, and can be connected to the network in a matter of minutes. Once connected, each device gathers information on the location of an animal, as well as the animal’s speed, body temperature and stress levels. This information is transmitted to the Internet and made available in a user-friendly way via a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Alert notifications are sent if an animal strays beyond set boundaries, or if a health or behavioural anomaly occurs. For the first time, a rancher has a birds-eye-view of his entire herd, right at his fingertips.

Can I manage the health & safety of my animals?

Yes. Animals that fall ill are identified before disaster strikes, when their smart collars detect warning signs like increased body temperature and decreased movement.

How do I track my animals when they are not in their enclosures?

Thanks to the highly-accurate GPS tracker in smart livestock collars, a cattle farmer who can’t fence his large herd in their summer pasture can now simply set boundaries on an app-based satellite map.

How will animal tracker support my long-term farm management strategy?

In a number of ways. Data can be accessed about individual animals or the herd as a whole. Graphs and reports chart movement patterns, grazing routes, activity, distance travelled and time spent resting. Maps show routes travelled by animals during a given time period.

How will data capturing benefit me as a farmer?

This all-in-one platform allows farmers to keep comprehensive files on each animal and share those files with veterinarians, suppliers and public authorities. Armed with a powerful set of data, farmers can easily partner with key stakeholders to make informed long-term decisions about the wellbeing of their herds.

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